The site started when I was told to look up white guy jokes, because there are NONE. That is to say, the very very few that exist are not at all funny. For starters, if you dig real deep you might find ten or twenty jokes. In contrast, if you look up any other popular minority you will find thousands of jokes - although a small fraction may be funny. But the white jokes out there are terrible - horrible - and contain no insulting content. The handful I found was about crackers and snow and not at all amusing: e.g. What do whites like 2 eat? Ritz cuz it's 4 crackers.

But then I began to realize a comedic element. Like experiencing dead baby jokes again for the first time, I started to find the humor: e.g. Why did the white man cross the road?  Because he needed something that was on the other side of the road.

The really bad, mundane jokes were hilarious.  Bringing in some comedy writers, it was easy to spend a night writing jokes - posting them on this website.  Then friends started telling jokes, and it spread.  Our bad jokes caught on.  The jokes derived their humor through the mundane, everyday tasks of a person. The best jokes lacked racial stereotypes and often a punchline.  Yet we find them funny.

We love submissions.  We welcome you to write us, or post them as a comment.  If we like it, we will post it on the site.